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Friday, June 11, 2010

Small Group

Small group is what we called it when I was a teacher. It was the time where we would split the kids into two groups and would do a teacher led activity together. I recently started doing a little pre-school program in my home and we have 26 days to fill this Summer so I couldn't resist doing a letter of the day!
Our letter A small group was stickers and a letter Aa sheet to stick them on.
Letter B was blue play dough with letter B cutters(bunny, bone, bear, bell, ext.)
C was Colors! We mixed colored water and then put the glasses in rainbow order! The kids LOVED this!
D was counting Dogs and then Dinosaurs with our counting mats.
For the Letter E I filled a cookie sheet with letter E things and then covered it with a cloth. I would take away one thing and the kids would guess what I took away. We will do this again because it was very challenging for them! Oh and we named the little boy Ed and the wood box was Empty:)
I'm not a big letter theme crafty person but the children have been loving the letter of the day! Caden has been talking about the letters of the day non stop and he's know all of his letters for over a year and a half! I'll post more small groups in a week or so:)


  1. Hoping you'll see this :) Where did you find the letter A dot sheets? I'd LoVe to have them!!

  2. Wow! I'm a preschool teacher from the Philippines and your activities are so inspiring and out-of-the-box. I'll try some of your activities in the classroom especially the one that you did with the letter E.;) Thanks!

  3. I'm your newest follower and a elementary teacher turned stay-at-home mommy, too!!! I just started homeschooling our (almost)4 year old daughter this fall. You have some great ideas!!!

  4. Where did you find the letter A dot worksheet? Id love my son to do this since he has a hard time with fine motor skills

  5. Hi - I am working with my son and fine motor skills the dot sheet for the letter A is great - did you create it or is there a downloadable somewhere?

  6. This page has the dot letters you can print.
    Uppercase -
    Lowercase -

  7. I noticed that your letters for the stickers had both capital and lower case A's...did you redo the letters to both fit on one page? If so, I would really like a copy of that if you are so willing;)

  8. I also like how you have the capital and lowercase together on one page. Is there a link to get a copy of that?

  9. I also would like the link to get the capital and lowercase letters for stickers, if you have it, thanks.


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