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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Floor Toys

Floor toys are what I have named what will one day be the "block area". When I was a teacher we had a block area that had wood unit blocks and then things that would enhance the block play like, cars, people, animals, small balls, other types of blocks like see through or castle. It was the most popular area for the boys in our class room so eventually I want to recreate it in my home. The problem is that I can't shake the image of Drake clobbering Caden on the head with a 2 by 4:) So for now it looks like this.
From Left to Right: (top) Elmo ABC Bus, cars, pretend sandwich, trucks, Africa animals,
(bottom) big Lego's (in a laundry soap bucket), giant solar system floor puzzle.

I rotate out everything often but there is always a building material (big Lego's, foam blocks, small wooden blocks). The other things are meant to enhance the block play. Other things like floor puzzles and letter games are thrown in until the boys really get into building.

Also a tip on boys who love cars! I have a huge bucket of cars! Some are from when Nate was a kid, most were gifts and quite a few are potty present from when Caden was potty training. I keep them all in the closet and then only put out one type in a little bucket. For instance he has 5 cars from the movie, Cars. Or he has a set of Tonka cars that are working vehicles. It helps because when I pull out a new set they are excited all over again!

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  1. Hi there, I absolutely love your blog and continue to be impressed by your ideas and use of space. You talk about rotating your toys, something we've been doing too. Would you share how you're storing/organizing the toys not in rotation? We've been keeping them in large bins all stored together, so there's room for improvement. Oh, on another topic, do your stuffed animals replicate overnight like ours? How did we end up with so many. We're giving most away, but wondering if you have done anything clever with yours.
    Thanks, Susan


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