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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Question and An Answer

How in the world do you have time to do stuff like this? Do you stay up late or do you do it when the kids are around you?

You are amazing! I love sewing and have lots of projects (mostly from you) on hold cause I am busy with an almost 4 year old, and almost 2 year old and am 7 months pregnant!

I'd love to know how you schedule your day! ???

My Husband gets me out of bed in the morning as he is leaving for work at literally puts me in the shower:) 6:30 By the time I get out of the shower the boys are stirring and coming out of their bedroom. They eat Breakfast, nothing fancy, usually fruit, veggie scrambled eggs, toast, a smoothie, or oatmeal. If I am feeling lazy then cheerios and milk for Breakfast.My Morning is for my boys ONLY! I don't do any cleaning or projects of my own. I feed them, change them, and play with them. I am usually on the floor with them and whatever they pick off the shelf is what we play with. Jack takes a little nap for about 8-9 Through out the morning I might pull out a special activity or dance to a song or read a book, they might also have some computer time. We have a little snack. At 10:30 we clean up which doesn't take long because they have to clean up whatever they play with before they get something new out. We brush teeth, go potty, sing a song and then lay the two older boys down for their nap, usually by 11:00. Once they are down I feed Jack baby food and then nurse him and put him down for his nap in the same room with the boys. Once they are down I clean up whatever mess is left from breakfast then make myself something for lunch and do one or two of the following; blog, sew, craft, watch a show, or take a nap. Sometimes I do a lot of those at once:) I'm a multitasker:) The boys all wake up around 2:00. The older boys eat a snack while I nurse Jack. Then It's free time for awhile for me and the boys. They play for a while and do crafts or chores, we walk to my sisters house or play out side. I try and find ways to let them help me while I am sewing if they are awake, like, once something is sewn I let them take out the pins and put them in the pin cushion and ask their opinions, "Is this pretty? Does it feel soft? Do you think so and so will like it?". At around 4 my husband calls to say he is on his way home we clean up and the boys play in their room for about 30 minutes while I vacuum and start dinner. When Nate gets home he helps out a ton!! We have decided that while our kids are this young that I need some extra help and as they get older I will need less help. After we eat dinner we all play and hang out, sometime watch a kids movie together. At 7 we bathe all of the boys and put them to bed and then... CRASH! We both just crash and do whatever we want for the rest of the night until 10:00 when we drift off to lala Land:)
Most days this is my day, but there are occasions where I have had a rough night (teething, sick kiddos, or pregnant:) then I will put on a movie for them and lay down on the couch with them. Other days we go to the mall play area or a park or to a family members house but this is most days:)
I going to post this on the blog just in case any one Else is curious. Sorry this was so long:)


  1. It is so neat to see everyone's different schedule. You are defiantly a super mom! What a great job!!!

  2. Hi, I found your blog through another crafty/kid blog. This post was so helpful.I have 2 little girls age 27mo. and 14mo.and another baby on the way in Dec. It looks like you've done about the same as us :)

    So, I'm really wondering if you have time to answer question. I want to follow the principle of putting each toy away after they play with it but I'm struggling to teach that. How did you get your boys to do that?

    Angela (

  3. I am with Angela, I have great goals for structure and routine. I pull a fun activity out - step away to do something that is nagging at me and by the time I get back to them they aren't playing with 'it' they way they should and they have moved on to something else. I too struggle to get THEM to clean up before moving on!
    What is the secret. Sometimes just remembering to tell them is hard to do.


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