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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Drake is Potty Trained!!!

At almost 22 months Drake is Potty Trained!!!! And the best part is that it was so easy!!!!! I think because he had Caden as an example. It's taken him three weeks but that is only because he hated underwear. He didn't have any accidents from the day I decided to take off his diaper. He loved running around naked and ran to his potty all on his own and didn't tell me until after he was done! He loved being naked so much that underwear were a bit of a struggle and he had a few accidents (wet). Once he got past that it has been smooth sailing. We are working on being out and about now. I have a little side note for any moms who are thinking that they are ready for this next step: Drake was READY! He has been taking of his diaper for over two months and talking about the potty and wanting to sit on it, and hating being messy. He was ready! All kids are ready at different ages. If anyone wants to know in detail my method for potty training the boys, leave a comment and I'll post soon:)


  1. Wow! That is awesome! I'm so jealous. B is 30 months and is about 98% potty trained. =) I'm also jealous about Drake not liking to be messy =).

  2. Congratulations! That is such a big deal and makes life so much easier!!

  3. Congrats! And yes, I would love to know. I have 27 month old twin girls. One who goes on the potty about 4 times a day, but doesn't tell me when she has to go and the other has no interest so I am not pushing it. But, I just don't know if I should put the other one in underwear yet. Would love your tips!

  4. What?!!? That's so terrific, for both of you. I can't believe he's not even two yet.

    Absolutely post about your method. My oldest will be potty training this year, so your experience is good timeing for us.

  5. I have heard that 22 months is the magic age! I started training my girl at 22 months but didn't hold her to it since she was sick, we were moving and having a baby. I am encouraged to pick it back up again.


  6. Do tell - my 22 mo sits on the potty but hasn't let go yet.

  7. I would love your tips for potty training. My son is interested in the potty and I'd love any tips you have. My first pretty much trained himself, but this one needs some direction!

    kimmymp @ (no spaces)


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