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Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Lizard Friend!

I was cleaning out some books out from the reading corner and I found a little lizard! With the exception of roaches and spiders, I love creepy crawly things! Drake was taking a nap so I took the opportunity to teach Caden so observation skills. We caught the lizard in a clean jar and looked at him for a while. We looked from above, the side and below. After we looked for a few minutes I started asking him about the lizard.
Mommy- "How many feet does he have?"
Caden- "1-2-3-4!" (counting each foot)
M- "Does he have a tail?"
C- "Yeah"
M-"How many tails?"
C- "One. He has 3 eyes!"
M "Really! Let's cont and see!"
C- "1-2 eyes!!"
M- "Just like you! Do you want to draw a picture of him in your Journal?"
C- "Ok"

I wrote down all of our observations and Caden drew this adorable little lizard! I was so excited because this is the first time he has every drawn anything that actually looks something like what he says it is!! You see it right?? I wrote the word lizard at the top of the page and we talked about the sounds the letters make. Caden picked up the Jar and held it to the paper, "Look lizard, that's you. L is for l-l-lizard, like you!" It was adorable!

I then told Caden that Heavenly Father made all living things and that we need to be gentle and loving to them like Heavenly Father would want us to be. i asked caden if he thought the lizard would like living in a jar and he said "We gonna let the lizard go home to his father." lol we took him on to the patio and he jumped out of the jar and on to Caden's shirt! It was so cute because you could tell Caden liked but was also nervous!

I loved this experience!! It was only 10-15 minutes of our day but we covered so much:

It's moments like these that make me so glad I am homeschooling!

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  1. he,s so cute, i caught a lizard mom likes your site and i wanted to say somthing


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