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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's Out Wednesday!

I've decided to start a little weekly thing! Every Wednesday I will put up pictures of what we have out in our play room. I usually change things out more then once a week but this is just an idea of some of the activities we play with.

Floor Toys: Wild Animals, Tonka Cars, Movie Cars, Fire Truck, Movie Cars, Peg Hammering, Big Foam Blocks
Table Toys: Tonging river stones into a wooden Jar, Tree Trunk Peg Board with Rubber Bands, Puzzles, Magnetic Connectors.

Train Table: My Husband made this for the boys.

We also have two new areas in our play room!!! Drum Roll Please.........

The Sensory Tub is Back!! The boys are so excited. With all of the changes we had been going through these last few months we didn't have the time(and I didn't have the patients:) for things like this. We are starting out simple(so they can get used to the rules) but I will be putting some new sensory activities in it soon.
Sensory Tub: Beans with a variety of scoops

Our other new area is the "Computer Area". My sister no longer needed this computer so she gave it to the boys! We were so excited! It is about 5 years old but it has Windows XP and it easily took a couple games. Caden is so excited about it! I set it up so that it is plugged in to the outlet that has a light switch hooked to it. Now if I turn off the light switch they can't turn on the computer.


  1. This looks so great! I love reading posts about how others have set things up and what their children play with! It gives me some great ideas. :)

  2. I love the idea of putting the computer in a plug with a switch! Things look great!!


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